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Alfredo Cottin | @quieto

Quieto is Spanish for still.

1. not moving or making a sound;
2. undisturbed by wind, sound, or current; calm and tranquil;
1. deep silence and calm; stillness
2. an ordinary static photograph, as opposed to a motion picture

When Alfredo Cottin began making art as a photographer in the early 2000s, he took on the Quieto moniker. The word echoes the decisive moment of the shutter. It also reflects the stillness of the creative flow state, the silence that breeds photography, drawing, origami, and even music.

Alfredo Cottin profile picture. Holi Festival in India.


One Line Art

The hand is a reflection of the mind. These one line drawings express the mantra of “first thought, best thought”. They are composed of a single, continuous line. Spontaneous. Intuitive. Unique. I work on paper and on screens. Sometimes, I take commissions.

If you want to purchase an original drawing, please leave me a DM on @quieto at Instagram.



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Origami Cranes: 1001 Ways to Fly

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